Chasing Echoes

Topaz Aevos can make things fall with a single glance. Of all the random and bizarre powers that she and her three sisters were born with, hers is clearly the most useless. That is, until New Year’s Eve. When high school senior Stryder Black executes a cruel joke, Taz uses her powers, and all hell breaks loose.


Stryder’s ill-fated prank lands him straight into a mysterious stranger's powerful curse—one meant to teach him a lesson. Desperate for help, Stryder accidentally drags Taz into the curse with him. Now both are forced to relive the same fragment of their lives over and over.


But something goes deadly wrong. Not only is their loop shrinking, Taz learns that Stryder is harboring a dark secret. Is his murky past the key to helping them escape…or will their time run out?

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Black Lilies

Book 2 of the Chasing Echoes Series

Aviva Aevos is stalked by a shadow only she can see--the ghost of a young man from the 1800s, Kade Oaks. Frustrated by the havoc his presence is wreaking in her life, Aviva seeks to unravel the mystery of why Kade haunts her. As she digs deeper into his past, she discovers a connection between Kade and the notorious Angel Killer. But the closer Aviva comes to unveiling the truth, the more unstable Kade becomes...until one day, he's gone.


Determined to find the lost ghost, Aviva turns to her uncle for help. But will the chaos that follows allow her to rescue Kade, or trap her and her sisters forever in the past?


Spring of Crows



Four sisters. One betrayal that may cost them everything.

Phoenix Aevos has always prided herself on being tough. But now that she’s trapped in 1886, even she’s not sure if she’s strong enough to save her sister Taz from the hands of a madman, let alone deliver everyone safely home.


Meanwhile, darkness is cast upon present-day Sezona Hills as young Krystal Aevos faces a deadly ice age. The animals—especially the crows— seem to be trying to tell her something. But what?


From 19th-century Sezona Hills to present-day Death Valley, the Aevos sisters, with the help of Stryder, Kade, and a few unlikely allies, will battle forces more sinister than they ever imagined as they search for answers. The truth may set them free...if it doesn’t kill them first. 

The Chasing Echoes Finale