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The Apathetics

Hundreds of years ago, The Scorch wiped out the bulk of humankind. Fade lives amongst the remnants in the village of Sundar, a haven of lush vegetation, exotic animals, and cutting edge technology. But paradise comes with a price, for in Fade's world, people can transfer their pain with a single touch. And no one is more eager to do so than the Apathetics.


Upon graduation, Fade and her beloved cousin Atticus are granted the most dreaded of jobs. Fade is an Effervescent, assigned to receive nonstop pain from Rayden Armstrong, a rich and spoiled Apathetic man suffering with a rare terminal illness. Her assignment is for two years, or until Rayden dies...if she herself can live that long.


With sickening dread Fade moves into the breathtaking mansion of the Armstrong family. But as she fights to save her cousin's life and take down a society that subjects its people to pain, she slowly learns that not all Apathetics are as coldblooded as they seem...and that friendship, hope, and love can shine in even the darkest of places.


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