About Jodi

Jodi Perkins is a middle school teacher moonlighting as a writer of contemporary fantasy, mythology, and dystopian fiction. She lives with her hubby, two kids, and a handful of pets in a foggy little mountain town that could be the setting for a horror flick. In addition to roughing out stories, Jodi likes to paint and draw, feed the squirrels, shoot her compound bow (not at the squirrels), camp, sunbathe, grow things, read, and stay up way too late. Her dream is to write full-time someday.


She also gets a little freaked out referring to herself in the third person. 

CHASING ECHOES is her first series.

Jodi's Yard

"And into the forest I go

To lose my mind and find my soul"

~ Author Unknown ~

Note: Switch to a laptop or desktop for the best viewing experience.


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