Black Lilies

Book 2 of the Chasing Echoes Trilogy

Aviva Aevos is stalked by a shadow that no one else can see--the ghost of a young man from the 19th century, Kade Oaks. Frustrated by the havoc Kade's presence is wreaking in her life, Aviva seeks to unravel the mystery of why he haunts her. As she digs deeper into Kade's past, she discovers a connection between Kade and the notorious "Angel Killer." But the closer Aviva comes to the truth, the more Kade's ghost fades...until he one day vanishes.


Determined to find the lost ghost, Aviva turns to her uncle for help. But will his dark intentions allow her to rescue Kade, or trap her and her sisters forever in the past?

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© 2014 by Jodi Perkins