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Chasing Echoes

Student Activity Book

Travel to Sezona Hills and discover what's in store for two teenagers as they are forced to relive the same events of their lives over and over. Students will dig deep to analyze the life lessons Taz Aevos and Stryder Black must overcome to break free from a deadly curse by completing fun, challenging lessons and activities provided in this literature guide. These rigorous lessons and activities work in conjunction with the fictional novel, Chasing Echoes, to teach students how to comprehend complex literature and help them understand the significance of the story. Each section of this literature guide, arranged into three-chapter sections, includes vocabulary practice, reading comprehension, 4C activities, writing practice, and quizzes. Students can use the entire collection as a workbook, or teachers can pick and choose which activities would most benefit their students. This is the perfect way to add rigor to your students' explorations of rich, complex literature. 

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