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Once Upon a Trailer Park

A Contemporary Beauty & the Beast Tale

Once upon a time a miserable beast was freed from a curse by true love’s kiss.


For a few days, anyway. 


What the story doesn’t tell you is that Belle left the prince stranded at the altar on their wedding day, forcing the prince to return to his beast form. To speed up Beast’s chance of finding his real “true love,” the enchantress adds a new provision to the curse: Beast must ask every maiden he meets for her hand in marriage. Failing to pop the question to any eligible woman who dares to speak or greet him will result in her untimely death.


Calla Rose is outside her home at the Enchanted Grove Trailer Park in southern Alabama when she sees a strange man sauntering by. In a moment of sympathy, she says “hello.” When the odd man responds by asking her to marry him, she plays along with the joke.


Except for, it’s not a joke. And now Calla is bound to the Beast.


Jump into this romantic romp where princes and castles look an awful lot like rednecks and double-wides...and a happily-ever-after might not be any further than the kingdom of Enchanted Grove Trailer Park.

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