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For eleven years I've been blogging over at (though it has been known by different names in the past). This was well before I was an author. For the first few years I was really on top of it. I.e. I wrote 137 posts in 2011...that's an average of one post every 2-3 days. But if you look at the year 2016, I only posted twice. For the whole dang year. Yeah, that one was pretty bad. Subsequent years were better (i.e. 16 posts for 2019), but still not anywhere close to the numbers I used to pull. And honestly, I don't care. I've come to realize that I kept up with a blog back then because blogging was my only outlet for writing. Now I use my creative energy to work on books. I wish I had an endless supply of it but I don't--once my vessel runs dry, I've got nothing left. So I'd much rather pour my vessel into writing books than blogging.

That being said, I can no longer justify keeping Ocean in a Cup activated anymore. I'm paying every year for that website and this one, and since this platform offers an awesome and user-friendly blog service, I need to move over here once and for all. Originally I was going to import all of my posts over here, but after Googling it, Wix only supports importing posts from Wordpress, not Blogger. There's no way I can manually copy/paste 613 posts over here (including the graphics in each post), so I now have to move onto Plan B: Manually copy/paste posts containing my "writing wonders and woes" label from Blogger. That brings me down to 91 posts....still a gargantuan task. But then today I noticed that Wix will only let me display up to 50 months in my blog archive (4 years + 2 months)--which cuts that number of posts in half. So I am slowly working on transferring those posts. I figure I'll do a couple a week. Until then, my blog history is going to look thin and sad.

Unfortunately the other 500 non-writing posts on my personal blog will just float around in No Man's Land. Though I'm retiring that blog, I'm not going to take it down, but once my URL ( expires, I'll have to return the blog to a default blogger address. I do feel sad to be giving up my blog. It's been a constant in my life. It's seen me through some good, rough, and interesting times.

I'm not going to promise to write here more regularly because we already know I'll break that promise, but at least I'm not throwing my money away on two websites anymore. The primary function of Ocean in a Cup was to be a blog, so when it wasn't doing that job, it became a waste. On the other hand, the primary function of this particular website is to be a source of information for my readers, so even if I drop the ball on blogging, I figure it's still money well spent.


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