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As of next month, Clint and I will have worked from home for a year. Crazy, right? I wish I had known back then how long this lockdown would last. I feel like I would have gotten more done... maybe do an entire remodel or something. But everyone back then thought it would be just a couple of weeks, so you just sort of kill time. Then a couple of weeks turns into a month, months turn into a year...

Anyway. One caveat of working from home with your hubby is he starts to feel more like a roommate than a spouse. Don't get me wrong, I love our relationship more than ever, but without a change of scenery, there's not a lot of--ehem--romance. The good news is we have a business trip of sorts to Florida next week with Shannon and Jeremy, so we decided to fly up a few days early and sneak in a little mini vaycay. Clint went all out and rented us a hotel suite right on the beach.

We'll even have our own little patio looking at the ocean:

I typed out an agenda of everything I want to do. Here's what it says so far:

  • Ride bikes to the crab shack

  • Hang out on the beach

  • Snorkel

  • Walk the town and check out the shops

  • Relax at the tiki bar with a drink

  • Go to the moonshine store and buy lots of moonshine

I've been made aware that there is no moonshine store, so that last one might be wishful thinking.


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