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Run Baby Run

I've never read this book before. It just showed up to me as an ad at the bottom of an email from BookBub. I usually don't click on the ads, but the caption for this one grabbed my attention.

You seem attracted to darkness.
I am darkness, baby.

So of course I clicked on it, and this was the back cover description:

You are a lost girl who has fallen into the abyss.

Maybe I pushed you. Maybe I just found you down there.

I’m not here to pull you out, Emilia. I’m here to catch you should you ever want to escape.

You seem attracted to darkness. I am darkness, Baby.


There's so much information out there regarding the importance of good cover art when it comes to marketing books, but this is a good reminder for me that the back-of-the-book blurb is equally (if not more) important. I.e. I have no idea what's going on in this cover, nor do I care, because the blurb alone hooks me. It also kinda makes me want to run. And maybe scream a little. And maybe change my name to Emilia. Anyway, I love how the authors--apparently there're two of them?--have this synopsis cut to the bone, and how they used second-person narration. I don't think I've ever seen that done before.

Sadly there's no way for me to write a synopsis for Chasing Echoes as catchy and intriguing as this one--CE is the wrong genre for this--but I might be able to write a better synopsis for The Apathetics once the time comes. Pain plays a strong role in the story, which seems to lend itself well to a shorter/sweeter/more darkly-compelling blurb.

I'd brainstorm this more but I have a sample to go download...

*Update (one day later): Turns out the book was so foul that I didn't even make it one page past the prologue. It really should have been labeled as erotica rather than dark-romance. But hey, if anyone is in the mood to read a porno with language so vile it'd make Darth Vader's toes curl, this is the book for you. You're welcome!

I guess you actually need three things to market a book: A good cover, a catchy blurb, and, you know...a quality story or something.


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